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Original Title: Le Passé Devant Nous
Writer: Nathalie Teirlinck
Director: Nathalie Teirlinck
Producers: Xavier Rombaut, Bart van Langendonck, Denis Wigman, Sander Verdonk
Co-production: Savage Film, CTM Films, 41 Shadows
Main Cast: Evelyne Brochu, Zuri François, Adonis Danieletto
Genre: Drama
Language: French
Length: 90 min
Year of release: 2016


Le passe devant nous

Alice leads a routine life as an escort and avoids any significant form of social contact. After the death of her ex, she is forced to take care of the son she abandoned years earlier. Her seeming indifference comes abruptly to an end, as she is confronted with the emotional emptiness in her life.