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Comedy & Crime

Original Title: Plan C
Writer: Max Porcelijn
Director: Max Porcelijn
Producers: Denis Wigman, Sander Verdonk
Co-producer: AVRO
Main Cast: Ruben van der Meer, Rene van ‘t Hof, Ton Kas
Genre: Black comedy
Language: Dutch / German
Distributor: Dutch Filmworks
Length: 96 min
Year of release: 2011



Plan C

Filled with sharp wit and boasting a first‐rate cast, PLAN C is a black comedy thriller that reveals human weakness through a smart and compelling plot. Ronald Plasmeyer (Ruben Van Der Meer) is a small‐time Amsterdam detective, struggling with financial problems because of his gambling habit. When Chinese crime boss Hao threatens Ronald’s ex‐wife and son to get his money back, Ronald comes up with a plan that will solve all his problems. Ronald enlists two petty criminals (Ton Kas & René Van ’t Hof) to rob an illegal poker tournament he's taking part in, providing him with a perfect alibi. Quick, simple and non‐violent; the plan is foolproof... until people start getting killed.