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Dramafilm / Biopic

Original Title: Wild Romance
Writer: Jean van de Velde i.s.m. Maarten Lebens
Director: Jean van de Velde
Producers: Denis Wigman, Bob Hubar, André de Raaff
Main Cast: Daniel Boissevain, Marcel Hensema
Genre: Drama
Language: Dutch
Year of release: 2006

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Wild Romance

Dutch rock singer, junkie and sex addict Herman Brood probably never outgrew his petty native Groningen bars scene, hadn’t publican Koos van Dijk neglected his pub and wife to become Brood’s devoted manager, even supplying drugs. They form a band, Brood and his Wild Romance, mainly more junk punks, but gradually build a reputation and after replacing the loser musicians launch a record, largely financed by Koos’s conservative pa. Now Brood decides to aim for the top, New York’s most exclusive club. Nearly Herman is lost to a stable relationship, but an OD saves his career. Koos gets them engaged by a US studio for a tour, but the Yanks plan to take over and Herman surprises everyone.