Nuts & Bolts Film Company

About Nuts and Bolts Film Company

About Nuts and Bolts Film Company

At Nuts & Bolts Film Company we produce films and documentaries. The producers combine a young and energetic view on film and media with more than 40 years of experience within the film business. This strong collaboration started in 2013 at CTM Entertainment and is now continued in Nuts & Bolts Film Company.

What kind of films and documentaries do we produce?
We value quality over quantity, are looking for strong collaborations with filmmakers of various backgrounds and always work with an audience in mind. Most importantly, we produce films with people we believe in. Therefore filmgenres vary from drama, science fiction, comedy, youth or thriller. We strive to make films that move, shock or motivate; that reveal universal truth in individual human stories. In short, we want our films to move you. 

Marijn Wigman

Marijn Wigman - Films and series

With multiple family members working in film, this business had always caught her interest. However, curious to discover the world, she started with a Business Administration studies. After graduating at the University of Westminster in London, she moved to Berlin to work for a film producer. This was such a good experience, that she entered a masters program in audiovisual management at the Media Business School in Spain. From 2012 she started working on several productions as a freelancer and from 2014 she became part of CTM, where she joined the family business and worked closely with Rosan. “I’m very happy to continue working with this team and look forward to all the beautiful new projects we’ll realise together”.


Denis Wigman

Denis Wigman

After graduating in Law from Rotterdam’s Erasmus University in 1984, Denis Wigman became the Financial Manager of the City’s Lantaren Cinema. His first film production was A ZED AND TWO NOUGHTS by Peter Greenaway in 1985. From that moment on he has produced more than 65 films and had became specialised in setting up various (inter)national co-productions. In 2000 he started CTM Entertainment together with Bob Hubar and André de Raaff with subsidiaries active in music publishing, recorded music, artist management, TV production and film production. CTM grew out to be a large international company with offices in London, New York, Berlin, Brussels and The Netherlands. In 2017 he decided to stop the multi media activities and return to where he started, producing films. 


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Nynke Bonnema

Nynke studied marketing and corporate anthropology. Her studies, work experiences, travels and conversations with people have shaped her into a researcher with a passion for telling stories. In 2017 she started producing her first film NOW OR NEVER AGAIN, a short 15 minute documentary and winner of the Filmfonds Wildcard.
While producing this film she came into contact with Nuts and Bolts Film Company. In the spring of 2018 she joined the team as a producers assistant. Nynke loves the effects film can have from combining business and creativity, telling a story, making a change or simply putting a smile on someone’s face.