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Documentary / human rights / refugees

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Original Title: Onderkomen
Director: Jacqueline van Vugt
Producers: Rosan Boersma, Marijn Wigman, Denis Wigman, Jacqueline van Vugt
Coproduction: Melief Film, IKONdocs
Language: Dutch / Dari
Broadcaster: EO
Year of release: Movies that Matter 2018

Onderkomen is op 26 september 2018 om 22.55 uur te zien op NPO2.





In Refuge we follow three young Afghanese refugees who have lived in Maastricht, the Netherlands since their puberty. A couple of retired 'Maastrichtenaren' opened their hearts and guided the boys during their stay here for the last couple of years. But from the moment they turned 18, they lost their Unaccompanied Minor Status and will probably have to leave the country. However these boys have nowhere to go in Afghanistan, this is the only home for them. Here they were raised with the Dutch open mind on sexuality and believes, which has formed them into the 'grown ups' they have become. The journey of their intense past and their new life in Maastricht are visualised with powerful animations. An extraordinary combination where film and animations, young and old, locals and refugees come and work together.